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Undercurrents Trilogy by Traci Hunter Abramson

Over the past 2 weeks, I've been reading several books.  During this time I read a trilogy of books by Traci Hunter Abramson.  I borrowed them from a friend and devoured them.  I am going to put all three books in this one post.

This series is called Undercurrents.  Book one is Undercurrents.  Book two is Ripple Effect.  Book three is The Deep End.  by Traci Hunter Abramson

Summary of Undercurrents from Goodreads:
Shaye Kendall, an Olympic-bound swimmer, has been in the witness protection program ever since she witnessed her boyfriend's murder.  She now has a new name, a new life, and strict orders not to reveal her secret. But fitting into a community is hard when you can't tell people anything about 
yourself.  When she learns that one of her new friends, Matt Whitmore, is LDS, she can't even tell him that she's a Mormon too.  She doesn't dare get involved.  The fact that Matt's father is a high-profile senator could give 
her the kind of exposure she doesn't need.  How can you fall in love when you can never reveal who you really are? 

But when someone almost takes her life, Shaye recognizes that whoever is after her knows exactly who and where she is.  Can she trust Matt to help her?  Can she trust his family?

Summary of Ripple Effects from Goodreads:
Kylie Ramsey is supposed to be invisible. In fact, to keep her unnoticed, the FBI has changed the world-class swimmer's identity and moved her twice in the last year. However, there are still a few people who would quickly recognize her. One of them is Matt Whitman, the man Kylie could have easily spent eternity with. The other is Judge Rush-the man who wants Kylie dead.

Now the former rising-star athlete is forced to live a life in the shadows. Worst of all, Kylie believes she will never see Matt again-especially now that she lives two thousand miles from his home. But through a twist of fate, or perhaps a fatal FBI clerical error, they both arrive in the same town, and Kylie now struggles between feelings of elation and dread. What was supposed to be a safe haven could become the most dangerous place on earth.

Summary of The Deep End from Goodreads:
Matt's hands balled in frustration. . . . He couldn't even acknowledge that he knew the dark-haired beauty down the street
But little do CJ and Matt know the extent of the danger and loneliness that will haunt their lives. A world-class swimmer with Olympic aspirations, CJ faces overwhelming odds that threaten to drown all her hopes and dreams. Will the deep end prove to be a dead end for CJ and Matt?

In a story where reality is as tentative as the waters of competition, and happiness is as elusive as the forces of evil that conspire to end all their dreams, CJ and Matt's race for safety becomes a marathon of fear.

Read February 2013

Book 1 and 2 borrowed from a friend.  Book 3 library book.

5 Stars

My Review:
This is an LDS book series.  I am fairly new to the LDS fiction reading world.  I have read a book here or there, but in general haven't read a lot.  Regardless of any experience I have or have not had with LDS fiction books, this was unlike anything I have ever read.

This series is filled with action, mystery, friendship and love.  There is danger everywhere, but there is also the underlying sweetness of romance.  I couldn't put these books down.  They were exciting and I had to know what was going to happen next.  The author kept me on my toes and I found little predictable.  I imagine it is like reading a bit of a tamed down Tom Clancy novel.  I've never read one of his novels, only seen some of the movies, so I can't say for sure.  But it had that feel to it.

I appreciate having secondary characters that I loved almost as much as I loved the 2 main characters.  They were well developed and I was invested in them.  I liked the different settings all over the country and the different living experiences that the same characters had, depending on what was happening at the time.

And, the story has a very strong LDS theme in it, with lots of experiences and discussions revolving around the main character's belief system.  It is hard for me to tell, as an LDS person myself, if this story could be enjoyed as much by a non-LDS person.  In my opinion, the story was so strong that it could take place with someone of any strong religious belief.  In this case, the character is Mormon, but anyone with strong religious beliefs could understand the religious convictions the character has.  I don't feel that it was preachy, but then again, I believe what is being shared.

Warnings: Some violence and action, shooting deaths

I would let my 15 year old read this book.

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