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Timeless Regency Collection: A Country Christmas by Josi S. Kilpack, Carla Kelly, and Jennifer Moore

Timeless Regency Collection: A Country Christmas by Josi S. Kilpack, Carla Kelly, and Jennifer Moore

Summary from Amazon:
SAINTS AND SINNERS by Josi S. Kilpack. When Neville Franklin’s best friend Burke wants to wager who can kiss Eloise first, Neville puts a stop to it. Eloise has been his friend since childhood, and, well, she’s off-limits. Especially to Burke. As Burke pursues Eloise and claims that she has a tendre for him, Neville becomes more and more protective of the girl he grew up with. On the night of the Christmas ball when Eloise appears in a dress that clearly shows that she is no longer a girl, but a beautiful woman, Neville realizes that his protective feelings toward Eloise have turned into something greater. But now, Neville’s best friend stands in his way.

THE CHRISTMAS ANGLE by Carla Kelly. Sailing Master Able Six is on half-pay with the British navy, biding his time during the uneasy Peace of Amiens and the resumption of war. Meanwhile, he’s invited to teach young pupils at the home of a vicar outside of Plymouth. There, he unexpectedly meets Meridee, the spinster sister-in-law of the vicar. From the moment Able sees Meridee, he’s entranced. When she asks him about his past and discovers his remarkable yet troublesome gift, he realizes he’s finally found someone who can care for all of him. Sadly, Able’s low station and half-pay gives him no way to provide for a wife. Meridee’s lack of dowry and dependence on relatives makes their union impossible at best. But isn’t Christmas a season of hope?

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Moore. Archie Clawson wants nothing more than to give Jane the perfect Christmas. Since her troubled childhood, she’s not experienced a Christmas with all the trimmings. To top off the perfection, he also plans to ask her to marry him on Christmas Eve. But as he and his friends, including Jane, travel to his country home, they are caught in a snowstorm and discover that notice of their arrival did not get through to the house staff. Worried over the disappointment he must be causing Jane and the complete shift in their planned Christmas, Archie fears that he’s misinterpreted her kindness towards him and lost her favor forever. 

4 Stars

Received ebook in exchange for an honest review

My Review:
I love these Regency collections from the Timeless Romance line. It is definitely my favorite time period to read about.

Each of these stories takes place at Christmas time and the characters live or travel to the country to celebrate the holiday. In the summary for "The Christmas Angle", it says "Isn't Christmas a season of hope?" I think all 3 stories are hopeful. The characters overcome difficulties to find happiness. I really appreciated the character of Jane in "The Perfect Christmas". I don't often read about characters with panic disorders, let alone that kind of disorder in the Regency time period. Again, each of these stories brings a sense of hope and love at that magical time of year, Christmas.

Warnings: None

I would let my 15 year old read this story.

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The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott by Josi S. Kilpack

The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott by Josi S. Kilpack

Summary from Goodreads: 
It's 1796 and twenty-four-year-old Walter Scott is in love. For the past few years, he has been engaged in a long-distance courtship, writing love letters to his childhood sweetheart, Mina.

Though both Walter and Mina are young and from different stations in society, they share the same love of literature, a passionate temperament, and a restless heart. They know their love is meant to be. Walter feels sure Mina is the muse he needs to bring every dream of his life to fruition. But the distance between the two lovers proves too great, and when Mina meets the handsome and charming William Forbes, she is swept away, and the two quickly announce their engagement.

Brokenhearted, Walter takes refuge in the lake country of England where he resigns himself to a life of misery and heartache. But then he meets Charlotte, a French girl, who, at twenty-six, has resigned herself to the fact that she will never find love. Despite their age difference, the two become cautious friends, but Charlotte's quiet disposition and keen mind intrigue Walter. She is so different from Mina, yet perhaps, for Walter, it may be that his perfect match is a woman who calms him and helps him keep his feet on the ground. Though wary of risking his heart a second time, he finds himself falling deeply in love with her.

In the end, he is able to forgive Mina, forget his heartbreak, and forge ahead in a new relationship, realizing that there is a vast difference between a man's "first love" and his "true love."

4.5 Stars

Received ebook in exchange for an honest review

My Review:
I have not read any books by Sir Walter Scott. Although I have heard of him and some of his books, I am not familiar with his history or his writing. Josi S. Kilpack has taken historical information and woven it with her creativity to create this fictionalized story of Sir Walter Scott. I found myself googling information constantly throughout my reading of this story. The author did an excellent job of creating a compelling story within the historical timeline and known facts.

The beginning of this book was painful for me to read. There wasn't anything wrong with the writing or story telling.  But having read the synopsis and also doing the aforementioned googling, I knew that Walter Scott was going to get hurt. I didn't want to read about his heartache. I was afraid to face it. I kept putting off reading or reading a little here and a little there. Once the "deed" was done and Walter's heart was broken, I was able to delve more consistently in to the book. In fact, once I passed that point, it took me less than 2 days to finish it.

I appreciated reading about Walter Scott's growth from a young love struck teenager to a mature man. His emotional journey is one that I think many of us face to some extent. We start with one dream and as we mature it shifts and evolves as our lives and circumstances change. This can be related to romance, but also to our education, careers, and goals. 

I loved the relationship between Walter and Charlotte. They worked so well together and discovered that honesty brought them much happiness. Often in the early stages of relationships (and sometimes even after), we tiptoe around each other trying to figure out what the other person is thinking or what they want. It was refreshing to see these two be honest and forthright with each other and to see how it blessed their lives.

Again, Josi S. Kilpack fictionalized parts of the history to create this lovely story. It was hard at times to read knowing that these were real people who experienced these things. I hurt for them and rejoiced with them. The author truly brought me in to this time and space and now I will run to the library to find works by Sir Walter Scott.

Warnings: None

I would let my 15 year old read this book.

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