Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Heartless: A Regency Romance by Jaimey Grant

Heartless: A Regency Romance by Jaimey Grant

Summary from Goodreads:
England 1820. The Duke of Derringer must marry within five days. Disgusted with his father for such a stupid codicil, he vows to marry the first woman he meets. That woman is Leandra Harcourt, illegitimate daughter of the late Earl of Harwood. Derringer marries her, refusing to admit he's helping her more than himself. Meanwhile, some disobliging soul wants him dead.

Read January 2013

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3 Stars

My Review:
I got this ebook for free on Amazon.  This story had some fun and interesting things in it.  I like Regency Romance, so there were aspects that I enjoyed.  There were some nice twists in the story.  The characters were ok.  

My only big complaint about this book is that I read it as a "clean romance", but it wasn't clean by my definition.  There are different definitions of clean romance.  Some say that if there isn't graphic sex, then it is clean.  For me it is more than that definition.  If I read a book as a clean romance, then I don't want it to have graphic sex, but I also don't want it to have nudity or touching of private parts.  Both of those were in this book.

Warnings: Nudity, touching private areas

I would not let my 14 year old read this book.

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