Monday, July 8, 2013

Rapunzel, The One With All The Hair by Wendy Mass

Rapunzel, The One with All the Hair by Wendy Mass (Twice Upon a Time #1)

Summary from Goodreads:
The girl's stuck in a tower. The boy's stuck in a castle. There are two sides to every story.... Rapunzel is having the ultimate bad day. She's been stolen by a witch, may have a ghost for a roommate, and doesn't even have a decent brush for her hair. Prince Benjamin's got it pretty tough, too. His father wants him to be more kingly, his mother wants him to never leave her sight, and his cousin wants to get him into as much trouble as possible (possibly with a troll). Both Rapunzel and Prince Benjamin are trapped--in very different ways. Once their paths cross, well, that's when things get really strange. Journey back to the days when fairy tales were true with this fun and fresh spin on a timeless tale!

3.5 Stars

Read July 2013

Middle Grade Fairy Tale, Library

My Review:
This was a very easy read, quick, fun, lighthearted.  Rapunzel is 12 and the Prince is 13 and it is geared toward a young audience.  It is an fun twist on the old fairy tale.

Warnings: None

My 12 year old daughter read this book before me.  She really enjoyed it.  This story is appropriate for any age.  

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