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Guest Review by Debbie Cranberryfries!  

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Title: The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight
Author:  Jennifer E. Smith
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 13: 9780316122382
Publisher: Poppy/ Little Brown
Pages: 236 pages, hardcover

My review:
Hadley is being forced to attend her dads second wedding. In London. And she cant even leave the airport without things already falling apart. After missing her flight by just 4 minutes she's now forced to wait 3 hours for the red-eye, getting her to London and  finding the wedding within just a couple of hours. While waiting for her flight kind-hearted Oliver offers to help and ends up joining her for airport food dinner. Hadley notices his garment bag carry on and is relieved to see another person off to London for an event as well. A friendship emerges and Oliver gets Hadley sharing, and relaxing, about the expectations ahead (meeting her new step mother for the first time).
They spend the flight learning about each other and entertaining each other and are sadly split at customs in London. Hadley draws on that recent memory to help get her through this difficult day/event. 
The whole story takes place in 24 hours and is a pretty quick read. 

I really enjoyed this one! A perfect book to pick up and escape into for a few hours! 17 year old Hadley has been living with her mom after her dad moved out to teach in London. Because of the way he left things, she's pretty much not had a lot of contact with him and is now having to go to his wedding. She hasn't even met this women yet so needless to say she's a bit stressed about the situation. At first she tried everything to get out of going but after she missed her flight by mere minutes she's trying desperately to get there on time and not upset her dad on his big day. In comes Oliver who gives Hadley a helping hand while they wait at the airport for their flight to London. He's easy to talk to and has the swoony British accent.

Personally I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults. Anyone looking for a quick, fun read. Maybe pick it up after reading something VERY heavy to lighten your mood or just take it to the lake and lay out on the towel and enjoy. :)

This book is very clean. There weren't any swear words or sex (or even things leading the reader to assume as much). Also there was no violence.

Language:  None
Sex: None
Violence: None

Thank you Debbie for recommending this book to me.  I really enjoyed it!  And I would let my 15 year old read this book.  - Brooke

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