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One Chance by Heather B. Moore

One Chance by Heather B. Moore

Summary from Goodreads:
Welcome to the Aliso Creek Novella Series

Liz, Gemma, Arie, Jess, and Drew have been best friends since creating “the Five” at Aliso Creek High School. But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone... if perfect is even possible.

Valentina is the odd-woman out. She’s part of “the Five” when she dates Drew for a couple of years, and remains friends with the women, but with her traveling schedule as a runway model, it’s impossible to maintain a real relationship. When Valentina attends her cousin’s wedding in LA, she runs into Cesar, who she was school friends with in her native country of Puerto Rico. Cesar is not the young skinny boy she remembers, but a grown man who seems interested in what’s beyond her model-appearance. Back in New York, Valentina can’t get him out of her mind, but she also can’t deny the fact that they’re separated by more than one country.

4 Stars

Read July 2013

Short story/clean romance, ebook on Nook

My Review:
Another clean romance in the Aliso Creek Novella series.  I liked this story, just as I did the other ones.  However, Valentine isn't really part of the "five".  I feel like this was a bit of an add on to the series, but not really connected to the series.  It is a good, stand alone short story.

Warnings: Kissing

I would let my 15 year old read this story based on its cleanliness, but it is definitely an adult book.

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