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Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity by Rachael Anderson

Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity by Rachael Anderson

Summary from Goodreads:
Home for the summer, Samantha Kinsey steps into her role as nanny for her two favorite little charges. But when she realizes she'll be playing chauffeur more than playmate, her summer outlook quickly turns from fun to bleak. That is, until she meets Colton McCoy--a genuine, hard-working cowboy, who's as set in his ways as he is handsome. Although he claims he doesn't need any spontaneity in his life, Sam's determined to help him find it. But she'll soon discover that cowboys are about as easy to change as wild mustangs.

Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity is about an adaptable girl and a not so adaptable guy. It's about learning to accept people for who they are and realizing that sometimes who they are is exactly who they should be.

5 Stars

Received ebook from Publisher in exchange for an honest review

My Review:
This is the 3rd book in the Meet Your Match books by Rachael Anderson.  I  have loved this series! The first is Pride Meets Prejudice.  The second is Rough Around the Edges Meets Refined. One wouldn't have to read all three books to understand the stories, but the characters do continue from one book to the next.  I highly recommend reading them in order to be able to develop along with the stories and characters.

Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity follows the story of Samantha, a recent college graduate who has time during the summer before she starts a fantastic job in New York City.  Within the first few days she meets Colton McCoy, a young, hard working rancher who will some day take over his family's ranch.  From the moment they meet, sparks fly.  Sometimes it's good sparks, sometimes not.  Sam finds herself being more clumsy than usual and unsure of herself around the horses and the ranch.  Colton is impressed with this "city" girl that keeps getting back on the horse, in actuality and metaphorically.  Soon, Sam has found a place that she really enjoys, the horses and farm, but especially the McCoy family.  Unfortunately, she has a job in New York waiting for her in just a few months.

Sam and Colton are from opposite lifestyles, but somehow they fall in love.  Samantha enjoys trying new things on their dates and pushes Colton out of his comfort zone.  Often, Colton refuses Sam's wild schemes.  At times, I am really frustrated at how unadventurous Colton is.  I don't understand how he doesn't want to at least try something, even if it is just to appease Sam. 

I am not the most adventurous of people, but I am willing to push myself a little, just to see if I can do something.  Last year I did something I never thought I would ever do...I biked around San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge!  For me that was a big deal.  I had only ridden a bike around our neighborhood.  But it was something my husband wanted to do and I did it.  Was I really scared at times? Yes.  Was I unsure of what I was doing? Most of the time.  But I did it and that brings such satisfaction.  Now if my husband asks me to go sky diving the answer is no.  I can only be pushed so far.

As I read this book, I don't see any way that this relationship can work.  If Samantha gives up her job to stay in Colorado then she will always wonder "what if" and resent Colton for keeping her there.  If she goes to New York, then Colton, "Mr. Stick in the Mud", watches her go and feels rejected.  Can they survive a long distance relationship?  

Luckily, Rachael Anderson has a great story that pushes both of these characters in to new territory. 

I have loved the characters and stories from all 3 books and being a part of their lives.  I highly recommend the series and I also look forward to reading other books by Rachael Anderson.

Warnings: None

I would let my 17 year old read this book.

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