Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

Summary from Goodreads:
When Mallory’s boyfriend, Jeremy, cheats on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory decides the best way to de-Jeremy her life is to de-modernize things too. Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in 1962, Mallory swears off technology and returns to a simpler time (when boyfriends couldn't cheat with computer avatars). The List:
1. Run for pep club secretary
2. Host a fancy dinner party/soiree
3. Sew a dress for Homecoming
4. Find a steady
5. Do something dangerous
But simple proves to be crazy-complicated, and the details of the past begin to change Mallory’s present. Add in a too-busy grandmother, a sassy sister, and the cute pep-club president–who just happens to be her ex’s cousin–and soon Mallory begins to wonder if going vintage is going too far.

5 Stars

Read April 2013

Young Adult/Teen, Library Book

My Review:
Lindsey Leavitt has once again proven to me that cute, fun reads can also have depth.  

From the premise and the cover, I figured this would be a book I would like.  It has a quirky girl trying to figure out who she is, teen romance-both good and bad, and the fun style of the early 1960's.

I have to admit that as a teenager, I wished that I could have been a teen in the 1950's when my mom was a teen.  I thought poodle skirts, bobby socks, and the big poofy dresses would be so much fun.  I liked the idea of soda fountains and sock hops and a young Elvis Presley.  I thought it would be such a great time to grow up, much like Mallory feels about 1962.

What I love about this book and Lindsey Leavitt's stories (I've only read 2) is that within this fun backdrop the characters are dealing with real difficulties that many of us face day to day.  From the description one would think that Mallory's major challenge in this book is a boyfriend who cheats.  However, that is what starts this story, not what it is really about.  

For fun, Lindsey Leavitt has lists at the beginning of each chapter.  Loved the lists!  Loved the characters. Loved the setting of Orange, CA.  I am not from CA, however, my parents grew up in Southern California and my husband is from Orange County (he was in the Orange Stake at church growing up) and I have visited and heard about Southern California my entire life.  It was fun to read about some places that I have actually been (although I realize that many people actually live there and will identify with the setting more, it was still fun for me.).

This was a great read that I would recommend to my teens.

Warnings: talk of premarital sex, child out of wedlock (only talk)

I would let my 15 year old read this book.


  1. I'm glad you ended up liking it. I've yet to read one of her books. I really want to, though, because I've heard good things.

  2. Brooke, sounds like a fun read. Thanks for linking up with Books You Loved. Cheers

  3. Sounds fun...thanks for sharing.

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