Friday, October 5, 2012

Other Blogs

Book Blogs are fun.  If you like books, then book blogs give you lots of ideas on what to read next, what to take off of your "to read" shelf, and what to buy your friends for that next great event.  Whether you use an e-reader or you like the feel of the book in your hands and the smell of the pages in your nose, books are something that can enlighten, entertain, whisk you away to another world, or inform you more on the world you live in now.

Check out some of the blogs I have posted in my sidebar.  I get lots of my ideas on what to read next from these great sites and blogs.

This month I even got to do a review for Bookshop Talk on one of my favorites of this year, Edenbrooke. 

If you have a book blog that you love to refer to, then please comment.  I love getting new resources!


  1. I've found some helpful book reviews at

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog in your sidebar. :)

    Some of my favorites blogs and ones that I think you'd like are She always mentions violence, gore, and language in her reviews. I think you'd also like She also always lists parental ocncerns for books.