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Timeless Regency Collection: A Holiday in Bath by Julie Daines, Caroline Warfield, and Jaima Fixsen

Timeless Regency Collection: A Holiday in Bath by Julie Daines, Caroline Warfield, and Jaima Fixsen

Summary from Amazon:
TRIAL OF THE HEART by Julie Daines
Marianne Wood has been summoned to Bath to testify against the man who killed her family. She dreads coming face to face with the monster of her nightmares, but finds surprising comfort under the care of a charming barrister, Harby Northam. Despite his kindly attentions, Mr. Northam is a shrewd and discerning man of law with an awful secret. Marianne is put to the test as she deals with the evil of her past and her growing affection for the mysterious Mr. Northam.

LORD EDMUND’S DILEMMA by Caroline Warfield
Lucy Ashcroft doesn’t share her stepmother’s belief that she might find a husband during her sojourn in Bath, but she does enjoy a respite from a household full of half-siblings and a younger sister preparing for her London Season, something Lucy can’t even dream about. In Bath, she enjoys the company of the elderly ladies in her aunt’s circle, and happy to be out from under her stepmother’s watchful and speculating eye. But when Lucy meets Lord Edmund Parker, all of her expectations for a quiet, unassuming holiday suddenly change. 

Caroline Trenholme is not pleased with Bath, the fussy, antiquated resort of the shabby-genteel. She ought to be in London, finding a man—not here, coddling her irrational grandmother. In the park, she crosses paths (literally—this is Bath, after all) with a nameless, mannerless rogue, intent on stealing a kiss. As if his proposition weren’t insult enough, even her dog seems to like the man better. It's impossible! Especially once she suspects she might like him too…

4 Stars

Received ebook in exchange for an honest review

My Review:
I am so excited to go to Bath in a few weeks with my family. My daughters and I have read Regency books and watched movies like Persuasion and Northanger Abbey that have settings in Bath. This collection of stories brings me into that Regency Bath world and amps up my anticipation all the more.

Interestingly, each story has a hero who is or becomes a working man. These aren't the usual dashing Lord and Lady stories. The heroes are atypical of a Regency story, more unassuming and hard workers. The heroines aren't wilting violets looking for rescue. These women are opinionated and feisty. When you put these men and women together, you get great stories set in a great location.

Bath is known for its Roman baths and it's mineral waters . It is a place for healing and respite. It is also know for being a place to "get away" or holiday, sometimes even a place to be "sent away". Each story has healing in some way whether in a medical sense or in an emotional sense.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Roman baths and the streets and sites where these characters had their holidays. 

Warnings: None

I would let my (now) 16 year old read this collection.

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