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The Fall of Lord Drayson by Rachael Anderson

The Fall of Lord Drayson by Rachael Anderson

Summary from Goodreads:
Who is he really? A high and mighty lord or a lowly servant?

When Colin Cavendish, the new earl of Drayson, informs Lucy Beresford that she and her mother need to vacate the house they've called home for the past two years, Lucy is fit to be tied. They have no money, no relations they can turn to for help, and nowhere to go. How dare the earl break the promise his father had made to the Beresfords without so much as a twinge of conscience?

Fate plays her hand when Lucy discovers the earl unconscious and injured in the middle of the road. When he awakens with no recollection of who he is, Lucy seizes the opportunity to teach the earl a much-needed lesson in humility and tells him that he is nothing more than a mere servant. Her servant, in fact. 

And thus begins the charming tale of a pompous lord and an impetuous young woman, caught together in a web so tangled that it begs the question: Will they ever get out?

5 Stars

Received an ebook in exchange for an honest review

My Review:
This was an unexpected read. When I read the summary I immediately thought I knew where the story was going to go. Thank you, Rachael Anderson, for writing something different than expected.

In this story, Lucy put Lord Drayson in the position of being her servant after he lost his memory. There were many funny scenes as Lord Drayson tried to do tasks that he was unfamiliar with. And the banter that ensued between Lord Drayson and Lucy was great to read.

There were times I was frustrated with Lucy. We, as readers, have a broader vision and I so wished she would make different choices. However, in life, one doesn't have the broader vision and these two characters made mistakes like we all do.

Lord Drayson began the book as one person. During his memory loss, he evolved. It was pleasant to read his thoughts and watch his discoveries about himself.

The development of the relationship of these 2 main characters was lovely. It was slow and friendly to start and then there were times of great passion as well.

I appreciated the way this story resolved. Again, the story took unexpected turns and I liked that the ending wasn't completely predictable. The one thing you could count on though was a happy ending.

Warnings: None

I would let my 15 year old read this book.

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