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Timeless Regency Collection: Summer House Party by Regina Scott, Donna Hatch, and Sarah M. Eden

Timeless Regency Collection: Summer House Party by Regina Scott, Donna Hatch, and Sarah M. Eden

Summary from Goodreads:
A ENGAGEMENT OF CONVENIENCE by Regina Scott: Kitty Chapworth is nearly a spinster, and an orphan living on the charity of her uncle, with nothing to recommend her for the marriage mart. Her primary purpose is relegated to acting chaperone for her cousins until she can see them successfully married. Kitty remains focused on her duty even though she knows her future is bleak. When Quentin Adair returns from a long ten years working in Jamaica and proposes a wild charade to Kitty, she agrees, although the plan might reawaken her old feelings for Quentin. Can a reformed rake convince the perfect chaperone to overlook propriety for love?

A PERFECT MATCH by Donna Hatch: Genevieve attends a summer house party hosted by her best friend who can't wait to introduce her to a gentleman she wants to marry, Christian Amesbury. After meeting him, Genevieve determines Christian is perfect . . . for her. Torn between loyalty to her best friend and the yearnings of her heart, Genevieve must first escape the attention of a powerful lord who's obsessed with her and who tries to rob her of any hope for a happily ever after.

THE PAUPERS’ HOUSE PARTY by Sarah M. Eden: It’s a rare event that Edward Downy and his brother are invited to a house party by a member of the ton. But when they arrive, Edward quickly realizes this house party is different than any other. All invited guests are quite destitute, fallen members of Society barely hanging onto their homes. The hosts of the house party, the Warricks, then make a stunning announcement—they intend to gift all their properties to one fortunate guest. As the guests race to impress the Warricks, Edward finds a fast friend in Agatha Holmwood, who shares his same aversion to the horrible expectations. But their growing fondness for each other only makes the game more painful.

4 Stars

Received an ebook from publisher in exchange for an honest review

My Review:
It is fun for me to go back in time to Regency England and all its rules and nuances. House parties are full of witty banter, stolen glances, and definitely rules of etiquette. These 3 stories put the reader right in the middle of all this fun. However, the stories are not typical or mundane. I am surprised by the different take each story brings to the House Party theme. I especially like Sarah M. Eden's The Paupers' House Party. 

I have preferred other collections, but this one is still enjoyable. AND, it is on SALE for $0.99 on AMAZON and Barnes and Noble and KOBO right now.

Warnings: None

I would let my 15 year old read this book.

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