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Longing for Home: Hope Springs by Sarah M. Eden

Longing For Home: Hope Springs by Sarah M. Eden

Summary from Goodreads:
All is not well in Wyoming. Katie Macauley gave up her life-long dream of returning to Ireland in order to make a home for herself in Hope Springs, but her future has never been so uncertain. The town is more divided than ever, with both the Irish and the Reds stealing property, burning buildings, and endangering lives.

Katie’s heart remains sharply divided between her love for playful Tavish and steady Joseph, a decision she feels ill-prepared to make. In the midst of the growing unrest, temperatures drop quickly, too quickly, and Irish nightmares of famine and cold resurface as the little Wyoming town struggles to beat the harsh winter.

Katie makes one sacrifice after another to keep the peace and help see her loved ones through the difficult days ahead, but will it be enough? Can the town make amends before their hatred consumes them all? And will Katie find the love she has been searching for as well as a home to call her own?

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5 Stars

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My Review:
This is the second book in the Longing for Home series.  It is part of the Proper Romance line from Shadow Mountain Publishing which also included Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson.

The story continues from the first book as Katie adjusts to the idea of staying in Hope Springs instead of returning to Ireland.  I like seeing Katie's relationships with the town grow.  I like seeing her be able to bridge some gaps that no one else is able to bridge, at her own expense.  She is truly a remarkable woman.

The romance in the book continues.  I like seeing how Katie discovers what is important to her and how that influences her relationships with the 2 men vying for her love.  

This is an emotional book.  I don't often read books that make me cry.  I admit that I read to escape and I like "happy" books.  I cry when I read this book.  There is long standing conflict between the two areas of town.  There are wounds that are extremely difficult to heal.  Reading these aspects of the book are rewarding and at the same time make me cry.  Luckily, Sarah M. Eden gives us hope in Hope Springs.  

Warnings: Conflict and injury between the town factions.  Nothing graphic.

I would let my 16 year old read this book.

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