Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Vision

Today is Thanksgiving 2011. I have been thinking about this blog for a while and have finally decided to see if I can do it. So here it goes.

I like to read. I didn't used to, but somewhere in the last 10 years I discovered the joy of reading. I especially like reading fiction books because they take me into another world, even if it is somewhere within this world I live in.

With my daughters growing older, I have found that we read some of the same books. It hasn't happened often, but I figure it will be happening more as they continue to grow up. This brings up the question, "Do I want my children reading the book I just read?" Or even as I'm reading a book, "Should I put this book down, it is really not appropriate for me to read this?" Sometimes I wish someone would gently tell me before I start a book that it isn't worth my time.

My vision for this blog is to inform anyone who happens to read it what books I'm reading and what type of content it might have, especially whether there is sex, violence, abuse, etc. Each of us has to decide for ourselves what we want to read. This may guide you in your book choices.

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  1. Welcome to the book blogosphere! :) I'm excited to see what you post and recommend. Good luck with everything and have fun!