Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Science fiction, romance

Read May 2012

4 Stars

My Review:
The Host by Stephenie Meyer is being made into a movie.  Check out these sites if you are interested.

Stephenie Meyer's Official Website

The Host Lexicon

I first read this book 4 years ago when it came out.  With the book being made into a movie I decided I needed a re-read.
I had forgotten how BIG this book is!  It is heavy, literally, and it is 619 pages.  It took me longer to read this book than most I have been reading lately, mostly because it is just a longer book.  I remembered certain aspects of the story, main characters, plot lines, etc.  This time around it was fun to refresh my memory of the smaller, more intimate moments, and small details.
I really like the characters in this book.  There is a wide variety of personalities and types.  I think we can all identify with someone in this book or know someone like some of these characters.  I find it fascinating that in a way, the "good guys" are the antagonists through much of this book.  And, really the true "bad guys" are not really that bad.  Stephenie Meyer has created a book where most of the characters, good or bad, are in some way likable or relatable.
Another interesting aspect of this book is the location.  Much of the book takes place in Arizona and Stephenie Meyer has captured the feel of her setting well.  Some do not like Stephenie Meyer's writing style.  I can understand that.  I, however, enjoy her writing.
The aspect that captures me the most in this book is the love and hope that the characters share with each other.  Wanderer, the main character, shows a vast amount of love, compassion, and hope.  There are other characters that are likewise, people who have characteristics that I want to emulate.  They are good examples of good human beings.  Now these characters have flaws as well, they are not perfect.  But their unconditional love is definitely something to strive for.

Warnings:  I don't have any specific warnings for this book.  It is more adult, I don't know that teens would appreciate the struggles that the characters face.  But I could be totally wrong about that too.  There may be many teens who can understand the struggles in this book.  Also, there isn't a specific mention of any sex, but it is implied that some of the characters are intimately involved.  And because this is a survival situation, the characters are not married even though they are committed to each other.  So there is premarital sex.

I would let my 14 year old read this book if she was interested, but frankly I don't see her enjoying it at this point in her life.

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  1. I just re-read this too! I think its maybe my 4th time though. It continues to be one of my all-time favorite books. I sure hope they don't screw up the movie! This one will be even harder to transform to the big screen than many others that have been butchered... but I still have my fingers crossed! (Although, I already disagree with most of the casting choices!)